When I see this, I see hope

I am not very good at sharing things on the social networks. Now that I think about it I am not very good at sharing at all, but when it comes to social networks I really, really suck. I am not the kind of cyber citizen that sees a picture of a cute cat and hits share, much less with videos or any other kind of content.

However, recently, thanks to a facebook friend, you know that kind of nice person that you meet online and never see in real life I came a cross with a video that as the expression goes: Drove the point home.

Not only because this particular video features one of my favorite musical creations but because when I see what humans can do when we put our mind and will to it I believe there is still hope for us.

We all know the sad, sad situation the mainstream media is currently in, specially when it comes to news reporters. They put every effort in portraying a hopeless human kind that does nothing else but to kill and destroy. Why? well, in my opinion they do that because it sells.

Very rarely you see in this “media corners” anything that show that in reality most of humanity is not a bunch of serial killers or thieves. I am not saying that around the world everything is nice and rosy, it is not, but also, we have to acknowledge that there are good people, regular citizens that go about their life without jumping and each other throats in general try to help the neighbor when they can.

That is what I saw in this video, the “spontaneity” that a prepared flash mob can bring and show some of the other values this old human kind has. We can create beautiful things, we can learn constructive skills, we can share, we can praise and respect each other, we can take care of the children and we can enjoy and laugh.

When I see this things, I want to believe that there is still hope for us. That bad things will still happen (yes, there are bad people out there) but that somehow we will manage and will not go down in flames destroying everything we hold dear in this world.

I will still suck at sharing things on social networks, but at least for not, I will share the video I am referring to in this little blog. May it be an inspiration to you as it was for me.


What do you think?

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