With this new currency, I will be rich!!!

I have to admit, I am not rich, or at least not in the traditional sense. I mean, the way that most people understand “being rich” which is having tons of money to buy all the stuff that your heart desires but you don’t really need.

In that sense, I am not rich, far from it. the funny thing is that I have met lots of really rich people and it always amazes me how they compete to be if not the richest, at least richer that the guy next door, kind of my-dog-is-bigger-than-yours thing or as they would probably put it, my-ferrari-is-redder-than-yours.

It turns out that when it comes to currency and being rich, there is a new kid in town. Yes, a new way to measure your wealth that will keep you awake at night and competing with the guy next door to see who has more.

This new currency, has started a whole new culture around the globe, is more common than the dollar or euro and even little kids can get lots of it at a very early age (no legal requirements apply).

Can you guess what this new currency is, well, I’ll tell ya’ but then don’t blame me if you begin to lose some sleep and stop eating to get some of it ok. This new currency is called followers and the fractional coins are likes!!!

Yes, Followers and Likes. I cannot count the number of times that I have overheard (just a nice word for eavesdropping) conversations that go like:

    • Person 1: So, how many followers do you have in your twitter account?
    • Person 2: 120 is my last count
    • Person 3 (that was not even in the conversation): Only!!!!! man how can you get by with only that. I got 800 followers and at least 300 likes in my last post (yes, we all know he is exaggerating just to show off)
    • Person 2: Wow!!! man, how do you do it…

At this point we will stop spying other people, but you get the idea…

And this happens not only with grown-ups (that are not that grown anyways) but with teenagers and kids.

You are now probably thinking I’m mad, but just look at the recent examples we saw flying around in the social networks:

Two girls want a new puppy and they set a FB account with the objective of getting 1 million likes because dad said that if they do, they would go and get a new dog. Guess what happened? They did it!!! got nearly 1.5 million likes in about 13 hours. Way to go girls!!!! congratulations and enjoy the new puppy.

A kid wants to go to Disney and hops into the million likes train. A man wants a baby and tries to get a new likes fortune to flash his wife and convince her. So, in this new economy the question is not when are you going to earn your first million dollars but you first million likes. Let’s face, who has not checked the number of followers in Instagram, or facebook or twitter or, you name it.

We all want to have a little bit more, maybe just a little more than the guy next door so we can say my-Facebook-is-bluer-than-yours!


What do you think?

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