On the world cup

soccer sucksI know that the world cup is over (at last!), but I am still confused, very confused. I grew up with the idea that sports, specially international events such as the olympics, the grand slam and now the soccer world cup where the events where the best of our kind is showcased.
You know, sacrifice, effort, discipline, honesty, team work, fair play and all those traits that give you some hope that the human race is not lost after all.
But it seems FIFA is an organization that is very, very far from those traits. Instead, the stories about arrogance, fraud and brivery abound. So it should not be a surprise (but still is!!!) that the world cup has been invaded by these behaviors.
Now, it turns out that a good player is the one who can fake a foul better that the oponent. I wonder what would happen if a player where to go to the referee and say: “I fell on purpouse and you should not punish my oponent, you should punish me”. What would the general reaction be?
Would the crowd cheer him for being honest? Would the rest of the team pat him in the back for demonstrating fair play? Perhaps not.
In my opinion, this World Cup has gone down in memory as the sports event where a (bribed?) referee can determine the outcome of the game, where players are encouraged to cheat to get and edge over the other team, where skill and team work have a secondary roll and where the money and ratings are more important than good athletes doing their outmost to carve a place in history based on achievements and good values.

One thought on “On the world cup

  1. FIFA’s top-brass seem to be holding on their posts for as long as possible.
    Frankly I doubt it has something to do with dedication.
    Heck, I guess I’m confused too. 🙂

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