Please stop, simply stop!

At this time a lot has been said about the ongoing conflict in Gaza/Israel. Obviously we all know that some of it is true, some is less true and some other is just a flagrant insulting lie. Now, who is lying more I can not tell. In war, the first casualty is the truth.

I can not take sides and I will not pretend that I understand the intricate historical, political and social underlying reasons that have fueled this conflict for a very, very long time. However I do have a message for all those actively involved in the conflict: Please, stop! Simply stop.

Stop killing each other, I am afraid that the image of an adult carrying a seriously injured infant will become such a common image that we will stop feeling anything about it.

Please stop shelling buildings where the civilian casualties mount up very quickly, also, please stop launching rockets that only bring a disproportionate retribution and make nothing to avoid the continuation of the conflict.

Please, stop, simply stop!!!

I don’t know if there is a viable political resolution for this conflict. I do know this, killing civilians and provoking nations has never helped in the resolution of anything. It ony fuels the already insufferable pain and desire for vengeance prolonging even more the senseless conflict.

So, how about stop killing people and start talking. I know is not a radical new idea, but if only 1 bullet less is shot or 1 rocket less is launched I think some progress will be made in the right direction.


What do you think?

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