On same sex marriage legalización in the US 

Some people have ask me what I think about the legalization of gay marriage in the U.S. Well, first a little context. Same sex marriage has been legal in a number of countries (22 if my memory does not betray me) for some time now (as early as 2000).

So, the Supreme Court did not approve anything new or revolutionary (as some media outlets will lead you to believe). That being said, I do believe the U.S. has taken a solid step towards promoting equality and tolerance, two things this old world sorely, sorely needs.

As many other things, there will be two camps on opposite sides of this issue but I do hope that the American people can demonstrate their maturity and civility by abiding by the (new) law and respecting the rights of others.

As someone commented in one of my posts, legal does not make it right. True! Legal, makes it legal. If it is right or wrong is a far more complicated discussion. But at least in my opinion, sets a framework of equality where human beings are granted the same rights just for that reason: being humans and I think that is progress!

Hopefully in a not so distant future we will be able to say goodbye to those days where rights are granted (or not) based on gender, religious belief, skin color, geographical location and a long list of attributes that apparently make some humans worthier that others. Which in my opinion is terribly wrong.

In the meanwhile not to say I am a visionary but I would like to share an entry I added tow this blog a bit over a year ago on a related issue.


What do you think?

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