The Sweet Lemonade Of Life…


Well, it is true, life will on ocassions, throw lemons at you. and as the old saying goes: make lemonade with them. Once you end up with a bunch of lemons you don’t have many options, you will have to make lemonade. Now, that lemonade will be as bitter or sweet as you decide.

It will pretty much depend on how much sugar you decide to add to it, and that is a personal decision. You can choose to make the drink bitter and awful or sweet and more palatable and why not, enjoyable.

In my opinon, the amount of sugar you add to the lemonade is proportional to your attitude towards the particular situation you are facing. You can curl up in a corner cry and be all bitter about it or you can pick your self up, dust off and try to make the best out of the situation. In any case, you will have to drink the lemonade at some point. Why not make it a bit sweeter?

And if you have the chance to share the drink with someone else, well much better and yet another reason to make it a bit more sweeter.


What do you think?

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