All Aboard!!!

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All aboard! is much more than an expression… It is a call! A call that tells us that something interesting is about to happen, it is a call that invites to adventure… it signals the beginning (or perhaps the continuation) of our journey and once we hear it, we know that things are about to get interesting.

Soon, we will be in a different place where we might discover new things, meet new people and experience entirely new food. Or perhaps, we will be back to a familiar place, one that brings dear memories and gets us closer to the family and friends we love.

In any case, once we hear the all aboard calling, we know that an adventure is about to begin. For me, taking up the A to Z challenge is exactly that. An adventure that will take me to a new place, sharing experiences with new people and most importantly, learning new things from other fellow bloggers.

Join me and other adventurers as we go through this journey sharing a new blog every day following the sequence of the letters in the alphabet. Also, as we begin this journey I want to thank you, the reader for your time and company and the team that has put the effort and time to make this challenge a reality.

So, ALL ABOARD!!! we are going on an adventure!


4 thoughts on “All Aboard!!!

  1. Hi, Stein! Thanks for visiting my blog. All aboard is a great way to start the A/Z challenge! Best wishes for a grand adventure in blogging! 🙂

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