Dive Log

2016-03-04 16.11.24

I love diving! Some of the fondest memories of my adult life are from  moments in or around water.

Since my diving adventure began, I’ve been a total of 59 hours and 38 minutes underwater breeding compressed air from a bottle strapped to my back and did it in 10 different countries.

Also, out of all the dives, 18% were ship wreck exploring expeditions, 48% reef reconnaissance missions and 34% were either, training, archeology or cenote dives.

How do I know, because I keep a dive log!

The funny thing is that most divers see the log keeping activity as a burden. But in reality it is  part of the adventure! A well maintained diving log is not only about numbers, it is a memories scrapbook that narrates the story of fantastic dive buddies (Vlad, Denise, Romina, Tino and Assaf I am looking at you!) and great underwater species sightings (eels, turtles, dolphins, even the ocasional shark!).

It is also a storyteller about how one becomes a better diver. My log shows all the things done right during the dives but also recounts mistakes to be reviewed and corrected in future dives.

So, as you write your own diving adventure (you have not started yet? what are you waiting for?) make sure you keep an accurate and detailed diving log. Use the format or media that best suits you. In my case, I keep both paper (otherwise how will I brag about all the cool stamps from diving shops I’ve collected?) and electronic (www.diveboard.com is my choice because is cool and free) versions.

And be sure to share your log!!! after all, we all like to brag a little bit about our diving feats. Don’t we?



3 thoughts on “Dive Log

  1. I’m scared to dive. It’s on my list of things I’ll likely not do and kick the bucket, lol.
    That and bungee jumping, skydiving and zip lining. Oddly that being said I’d like to hang glide.

    Although if I had to choose between bungee jumping, skydiving, zip-lining and diving, I’d choose diving. At least I don’t have to deal with the free fall feeling with that latter. And I definitely know I’d keep a diving journal – 40% for improvement on future dives (if I didn’t chicken out after the 1st time) and 60% for bragging rights. 😀

    • Marna,

      I am sure that if yo try it you will totally enjoy it… if I may, get in touch with a diving shop that provides training and ask for the discovery scuba experience. It lets you try it without committing to a full certification and you still get bragging rights! 🙂

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