eAs one ponders how the English language has evolved during the past few years, it is unavoidable to notice and wonder at how simplicity and shortness of the written word have utterly won the battle over elegance and style.

Perhaps we have much to say and very little time to do it? or is it a bad case of laziness and ignorance? I do not know, answering those questions will be the responsibility of the historians and scholars that look at our current state of affairs many years from now with the benefit of hindsight.

While that comes to pass, I must admit that I miss the old times when writing a message, a letter or a personal memorandum was considered an endeavor that would carry the voice of the author beyond his physical reach and thus demanded attention to craft it in such a way that it would be clear, complete but above all elegant.

Elegance when writing was paramount for the crafted message became the author’s ambassador representing not only the ideas and feelings that he intended to convey, but a lucid window into his character and personality for the recipient to see.

Words were chosen carefully, sentences examined, read and edited until the author was satisfied with the result. Then and only then was the missive submitted with the certainty that the message carried not only the concepts but also the proper meaning he wanted to transmit.

furthermore, those authors did not have access to the impressive array of media and tools we have at our disposal these days and yet true masterpieces in their own way were produced.

I do wish that the younger generations understand the importance of reviving this noble tradition of writing with elegance and devote time to improve their writing skills. Hopefully, In the future, when historians study the texts that have been produced look in awe at the beauty of the words.



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