Lament 2.0 (of a weary traveler)


I’ve spent my life in an aeroplane
Because I wanted to live on the fast lane
I waved to family and friends
Hoping that some day this will end.

I’ve spend many nights in a room
that some call the presidential dorm
I’ve said bon jour and guten tag
and fought back the jet lag.

I’ve had exotic dishes
that for some are only wishes
and walked the streets of the world
only to get my head all twirled up.

But I know that  with family and friends
is truly were my hearth rests
and home is the place
I long for while I pack my suitcase.



Some time ago I posted an earlier version of this poem here. I have updated it and created this new 2.0 version. I hope you like it.

What do you think?

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