No. What a simple and short word. And yet, so complicated. We all know what it means and when to use it right? Or, do we? How many times in any given situation you wanted, really wanted to say no and yet, you said yes!

Maybe it was to your parents, a teacher or a co-worker but you ended saying yes and getting extra work or responsibility that you did not want in the first place.

And the worse part? Well, you felt guilty, you know you should’ve said no, yet you said yes and you beat yourself for it. You tell yourself over and over that next time you will say no. When the next time comes, yes again! Feel guilty again, beat yourself and repeat.

I know that too well, because I’ve been there more times than I care to remember. Always wondered what my life would look like if I could say no like there is no tomorrow. Until it hit me! 

If I keeping saying yes to everyone and everything… There is no tomorrow! My time will belong to all those time suckers that I keep buying everytime I say yes when I know, I just know I have to say no!

Everytime I say no to something, I “get” that time back to do with it whatever I want! And that is an encouraging thought. Still, learning to say no at the right time is a journey and for some of us a really long one.

So, join me! Let’s learn together to say no when we mean to say no and yes when we really mean to say yes! I am sure we will all become more mature, smart and happier.


6 thoughts on “No

  1. No! I don’t want to!

    Actually, I’m a reformed yes-man,(woman), and now I say no probably more than I should. But I have a lot of past experiences to make up for.

    • Piper,

      Thanks for the comment! I like the people-pleasers name. You are absolutely right, trying to please everyone at the end makes us very unhappy.

      I am glad you learned this valuable lesson. Still work on it, but making progress!

    • Helen,

      Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment.

      Also, I tried to post this comment on your blog but could not do it, so, I will share it here. Hope is ok.


      What an interesting and creative idea! Interview people from novels!!! Very well done too. Is just read the interview with Alex Graham. Very engaging! I am glad I found your blog, will definitely come back to learn more about all these people!

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