La Triste Tradición que Regreso

pointing-fingerEl señor Pena Nieto, haciendo uso de una antigua, gastada e insultante tradición política del partido al que pertenece, ha designado como pre-candidato presidencial al señor Meade.

No sólo es muy triste ver que esta anacrónica práctica está de regreso sino que es una bofetada a cualquier indicio de democracia que haya logrado sobrevivir a estos ultimos años de turbulencia política y social.

Más ofensiva aún fue la reacción del los miembros del partido aplaudiendo y ovacionando como robots sin cerebro e iniciativa la decisión del partido de seleccionar al pre-candidato de esta manera. Recuerda a los ¿viejos? tiempos en los que el presidencialismo y besamanos eran práctica y uso común.

No sé y la verdad no me interesa saber si el señor Meade esta preparado para dirigir al país y sacarlo del atolladero económico y social en el que se encuentra, pero me queda claro que el conflicto de intereses que tiene incluso antes de ser candidato a la presidencia limitarán mucho lo que realmente puede hacer en contra de la corrupción y por nosotros los ciudadanos de a pie.

Sólo queda esperar que el pueblo mexicano, para variar, conserve algo de memoria histórica y rechaze en las urnas esta práctica de una clase política que sin ninguna clase de verguenza ha robado, insultado y lastimado al pueblo mexicano mientras ellos viven en la abundacia disfrutando de privilegios reservado solor para los “miembros del partido”



Am I a writer? Yes, I am a writer!

I love writing. For some reason, I find easier to articulate personal feelings, ideas or thoughts writing them down and thus have found in this blog an outlet to share those little personal treasures that I would probably not do otherwise.

But always wanted to test myself and see if I could write for money. How cool would that be? Do something that I totally enjoy and at the same time get paid for doing it!

I thought about trying it out  for a very long time but never really committed to it. Which translates into the intention of doing it was nagging me all the time but never actually tried… Until now…

Last week I got my first article accepted by a client and got paid!!! Yes, I admit it, this happened in the shady world of a content mill. Yes, I know, it was a short piece of a few hundred words and if you are familiar with the content mill dynamics you already know that the money I made will not allow me to leave my day time job anytime soon.

But that I actually tried instead of only thinking of “doing it some day” and someone considered the few words I put together worth some money is very satisfying and encouraging.

I will definitely keep trying. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, many years from now, with discipline and hard work this might turn into a more serious undertaking.


De plagios, mentiras y presidentes

plagioPues resulta que el señor Peña Nieto efectivamente plagio en un buen porcentaje la tesis que le otorgó el título universitario que hoy ostenta. Y pues resulta que la universidad donde curso esta carrera ha confirmado el hecho. Pero también ahora resulta que la casa de estudios ante esta situación no va a reaccionar de ninguna manera.

Pues… ¡a que caray! Parece que en México, si usted tiene el apellido correcto, o conoce a la persona correcta, o tiene el cargo público correcto las leyes y reglamentos, los valores y las buenas costumbres le aplican siempre y cuando no lo inoportunen demasiado. Al resto de nosotros, sólo nos queda ver como nuestro país se convierte cada vez mas en una telenovela mal escrita.

Que triste es ver que los líderes que hemos elegido (por que seamos sinceros, para bien o para mal, el pueblo voto por este señor) hace gala de los valores mas negativos que uno se puede imaginar mientras se salen con la suya sin enfrentar ninguna consecuencia.

Que impunidad mas bárbara. Mentir, insultar, robar, plagiar y burlarse del pueblo que los puso en el poder son la moneda corriente de la clase política de este País. Mientras tanto, el resto del pueblo tiene que trabajar duramente para medio ganarse la vida y mantener el indignate estilo de vida de estas personas.

Realmente espero que al menos la universidad que le otorgo el titulo al señor Peña Nieto rescate algo de la ética que le queda y al menos le pidan de favor, si no es muy problemático y tiene el tiempo que re-escriba esos párrafos que plagio o que por lo menos le de el crédito a los verdaderos autores.




winstonSir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill is one of the few characters in history that really inspires me. I know there are opposing camps when it comes to considering his contributions to this world and many, many different opinions regarding his personality.

All that aside, I believe that we all can agree that his famous speeches and writings show the ability that he had to transmit his message with clarity, force, and elegance.

Of all his work, there are two quotes that for me stand out and have been my favorite for a very long, time. I want to share them with you. Hopefully, you will find in them the same inspiration that I do every time I read them.

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

-Winston Churchill


“I am a man of simple tastes easily satisfied with the best”

-Winston Churchill


Queen… in Chess

 Long live the King! Long live the King! was the cry that could be heard around the entire chess board. For as long as you have a King, you are game! Loose the King, lose the game.

A few days ago I wrote a little bit about His Royal Highness here. But the King would not be so without royal companion by his side. The mighty Queen.

Her majesty is not the wait in the palace sewing while the King goes hunting kind of girl. Oh no! She is mighty as she is beautiful. She is agile as she is graceful.

The most powerful piece on the board, she goes wherever she wants and whenever she shows up, the enemy forces tremble and despair!

During the game you will see her in the thick of the battle, fighting along her trusted knights and rooks always encouraging the humble pawns to take a step forward for she is with them.

She will put the good of her kingdom and king before her own safety and is not uncommon for her to make the ultimate sacrifice to secure the victory.

Definitely and admirable piece, with great power and full of energy. Enjoys being in the middle of the board where the fight is taking place and can easily tip the balance of power with a single good move.

The King must count himself lucky to have such a great queen by his side!




For most of us, these modern times do not leave a lot of free personal time. Even when we manage to salvage a few precious hours from our busy routines many other unplanned affairs claim for attention and we end up with very little time left.

However, finding the time to cultivate a pastime is as important as working out or sorting our mail. Why? A pastime is an activity we choose to do for enjoyment, it is our little personal retreat where we allow our mind and body to relax and realign.

Pastimes will come in many different shapes, but they all have a few things in common. They will help us to learn new skills, challenge ourselves and provide us with a real sense of achievement.

Over the years, I have “acquired” more pastimes than I should. But when I look at the long list of personal undertakings, they all have two things in common: learn and challenge. So I concluded that my pastime is in reality that, I like to learn new things and challenge myself.

Being it photography, scuba diving, playing the guitar, playing squash, reading or traveling (yes, this is the short list of my pastimes!) what I enjoy the most is learning new things and overcoming the challenges of each activity.

Also, developing new skills and keeping our brains engaged in something that we enjoy improves our overall well-being and performance at other activities.

So, you see there is little (if any) downsize to dedicate some of our valuable scarce time to a pastime but the benefits can be real big. I really encourage you to find sometime and devote it to that activity, project, plan that really fires up your passion and gives you the opportunity to achieve and relax at the same time!



 Onomatopoeia. Wow! What a mouthful! Are you familiar with it? Yes, you are! Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you. Have you ever referred to the sound that things make? Or, have you imitated the call of an animal? Then you have used onomatopoeia!

The best definition I have ever found of the word onomatopoeia is: the forming of a word in imitation of a natural sound. Which means, you have been using them since you were a little boy or girl. Do you remember the Old Macdonald had a farm? Is full of them!

Oink, moo, quack are all Onomatopeia or words that imitate a natural sound. But wait, there is more! Bang, boom, zing and all those you read in the old comic books belong to the same family.

One interesting thing about these words is that different cultures refer to the same natural sound with diffrent words. Just look at this short list comparing English and Spanish onomatopoeia:

  • Bang – Pum
  • Arf – Guau
  • Meow – Miau
  • Chirp – Pio
  • Choo-choo – Chucu-chucu
  • Ribbit – croak

All languages have them and are a very good tell-tale of the culture. So there you have it! You are familiar with Onomatopeia and have been using them all your life.

Now, go brag to someone about it!