A double edged sword

A double edged sword whistles through the air. The creature sees the flash of the blade and falls mortally wounded. The massive figure of the warrior in full armour steps forward and with one skillful swing ends the miserable life of his enemy.

It was not always like this, there were times not long ago when green grass and tall wheat covered the land as far as the eye could see.

The men would go out to collect the fruits of the land and the children would frolic around the apple and pear trees while young boys would guide cows and sheep through the fields singing forbidden love songs filling the air with joy.

But then the beasts fell upon the land, no one knows where they came from, but since the dark silhouettes were seen against the blue sky for the first time, blood and dead where spread across the land.

Now, honorable men have raised the sword against the foul creatures to protect what they love and bring back abundance and pace to the land once again.

The warrior takes a sure step forward and again, a double edge sword whistles through the air…


What do you think?

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