A land worth dying for…

The clear blue sky above and the rhythmic sound of the brook that gets water from the snow melting at the mountains far to the north surround me while I lie resting my back against the beautiful green meadow.
Stay with me! Someone whispers in the distance. Stay with me! Repeats a bit louder. Stay with me! Now a desperate cry.
Suddenly, I snap back and find myself lying on a cold hard rock. The long black shaft protruding from my shoulder sends a sharp bolt of pain through my body and brings me back to reality. I have been hit! The crude missile has mercilessly ripped through armour and flesh.
With a faint grin I say to the soldier kneeling next to me: is not my sword arm… and fade again back into the meadow. The soft breeze, the sweet smell of summer fill my head. What a beautiful land this is. A land worth dying for… but not today, not this way and not here! I force myself back into consciousness.
Again, the pain! Now I can see the crimson stains over my armour. Pull it out! I shout… I fix my eyes in the face of the young soldier and shout again…Pull it out now! Hesitating, he grabs the arrow with both hands and looks at me. Now! I say with the last of my strength.
He yanks the arrow out in one single pull sending a terrible shock of pain to my body, I let out a loud cry and suddenly… the clear blue sky and the rhythmic sound of the brook that gets water from the snow melting at the mountains…

What do you think?

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