Fire and iron

The massive wall crumbles down in a thick cloud of dust and smoke opening a big gap that offers us a glimpse of the heathen city for the first time since we set out on this quest.

With renewed vigor our troops pour into the city in a mad rush of blood, broken bones and flying limbs. A grin shyly appears in my lips for the first time in a long, long time, I rise my broadsword and letting out a loud cry, I join the noisy melee.

After a long toil and with heavy hearts remembering our countrymen that lost their life to get us here, at last fire and iron has been brought to the very heart of the mighty enemy. Fire and iron are bringing justice and revenge to all those that have been wronged by these terrible creatures. Fire and iron will cleanse our beloved land of these cursed beings that have roamed it free for far too long.

Skillfully, our brothers make their way into the city opening a road paved with corpses of the foul creatures that have too late realized that victory has been ours since the very beginning.

Soon the land will be free again, children will laugh, women will look at the sunrise with restored hope and the fields will prosper by the will of fire and iron…


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