Zeroed in…

The massive rock fell from above obliterating our defenses and merciless killing our brothers. As the big sphere rolls out, only a smear of blood remains of what was a group of the fiercest warriors who have now gloriously offered their life defending what we hold most dear.

We are zeroed in! the captain shouts, we have to move…. for us, that means only one thing, move forward, closer to the enemy and away from this storm of boulders that those cursed contraptions keep hurling at us. Cowards! real warriors don’t fight from the distance… as one, the line begins moving forward slowly at first, as we have practiced so many times, but picking up speed as we advance.

Suddenly, is a mass of running swords, axes and bows that mingle together in a single war cry. No one falters, no one slows down, we all want the same thing… bring our steel close to the hearts of our enemies and pay blood with blood….

The image of burning villages fuel our legs, the cries of loved ones slayed by these barbarians power or arms but the hope that we will rid our land of these foul creatures fires our hearths and pushes the line forward, closer and closer to them.

Again, the massive rock falls from above….


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