winstonSir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill is one of the few characters in history that really inspires me. I know there are opposing camps when it comes to considering his contributions to this world and many, many different opinions regarding his personality.

All that aside, I believe that we all can agree that his famous speeches and writings show the ability that he had to transmit his message with clarity, force, and elegance.

Of all his work, there are two quotes that for me stand out and have been my favorite for a very long, time. I want to share them with you. Hopefully, you will find in them the same inspiration that I do every time I read them.

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

-Winston Churchill


“I am a man of simple tastes easily satisfied with the best”

-Winston Churchill



traveling-returning-homeI am returning home! been traveling far away from home and just spent over 12 hours in a plane.

So, sorry for the short port, but today I am just glad to be back home and relax a little bit.

Promise to share some picture of the trip soon.


Queen… in Chess

 Long live the King! Long live the King! was the cry that could be heard around the entire chess board. For as long as you have a King, you are game! Loose the King, lose the game.

A few days ago I wrote a little bit about His Royal Highness here. But the King would not be so without royal companion by his side. The mighty Queen.

Her majesty is not the wait in the palace sewing while the King goes hunting kind of girl. Oh no! She is mighty as she is beautiful. She is agile as she is graceful.

The most powerful piece on the board, she goes wherever she wants and whenever she shows up, the enemy forces tremble and despair!

During the game you will see her in the thick of the battle, fighting along her trusted knights and rooks always encouraging the humble pawns to take a step forward for she is with them.

She will put the good of her kingdom and king before her own safety and is not uncommon for her to make the ultimate sacrifice to secure the victory.

Definitely and admirable piece, with great power and full of energy. Enjoys being in the middle of the board where the fight is taking place and can easily tip the balance of power with a single good move.

The King must count himself lucky to have such a great queen by his side!




For most of us, these modern times do not leave a lot of free personal time. Even when we manage to salvage a few precious hours from our busy routines many other unplanned affairs claim for attention and we end up with very little time left.

However, finding the time to cultivate a pastime is as important as working out or sorting our mail. Why? A pastime is an activity we choose to do for enjoyment, it is our little personal retreat where we allow our mind and body to relax and realign.

Pastimes will come in many different shapes, but they all have a few things in common. They will help us to learn new skills, challenge ourselves and provide us with a real sense of achievement.

Over the years, I have “acquired” more pastimes than I should. But when I look at the long list of personal undertakings, they all have two things in common: learn and challenge. So I concluded that my pastime is in reality that, I like to learn new things and challenge myself.

Being it photography, scuba diving, playing the guitar, playing squash, reading or traveling (yes, this is the short list of my pastimes!) what I enjoy the most is learning new things and overcoming the challenges of each activity.

Also, developing new skills and keeping our brains engaged in something that we enjoy improves our overall well-being and performance at other activities.

So, you see there is little (if any) downsize to dedicate some of our valuable scarce time to a pastime but the benefits can be real big. I really encourage you to find sometime and devote it to that activity, project, plan that really fires up your passion and gives you the opportunity to achieve and relax at the same time!


Macro… Micro…


Size matters! no matter what you have been told. Specially when it come to looking at the world from the physicist point of view (we all have a little Sheldon Cooper inside us… mine tends to be as annoying as the real one).

When you look at the world of the very small (sub atomic particles) or the very large (the universe) the laws of physics we are used to deal with do not apply. Scientists are trying very hard to unravel the secrets of nature when it comes to deal with this two universes.

This is relevant to all of us because in my opinion, the next generation of scientific breakthroughs will come from our understanding of the micro and the macro worlds that surround us.

Nanobots to mend your body, molecular medicine, new superconductors, alternative power sources, the next generation of computer chips so you can see cute cats on the internet faster and a long list of other amazing things the science will make available to us in the decades to come have to do with our understanding of the very big and the very small.

So keep your eyes open and next time you see a scientists don’t call him nerd… cheer for him!


Lament 2.0 (of a weary traveler)


I’ve spent my life in an aeroplane
Because I wanted to live on the fast lane
I waved to family and friends
Hoping that some day this will end.

I’ve spend many nights in a room
that some call the presidential dorm
I’ve said bon jour and guten tag
and fought back the jet lag.

I’ve had exotic dishes
that for some are only wishes
and walked the streets of the world
only to get my head all twirled up.

But I know that  with family and friends
is truly were my hearth rests
and home is the place
I long for while I pack my suitcase.



Some time ago I posted an earlier version of this poem here. I have updated it and created this new 2.0 version. I hope you like it.

Juggler… of life

jugglerI don’t know how to juggle balls in the air. I would love to, but never dedicated the time to learn and practice. However, as any other adult in this world, I juggle… a lot!

I don’t mean keeping objects in the air, but keeping life affairs relatively under control. Professional and family life, and unhealthy long lists of hobbies and personal undertakings, filing taxes, blogging,  remembering dates, planning weekends or road trips, and the list goes on, and on, and on.

I don’t think I am particularly special for juggling all these things at the same time.  At the end, we all do it. What I have learned however, is how to manage it without stressing too much about it.

The secret… well, is real simple, don’t worry too much about it. When you consider the number of things we are expected to do these days it is amazing that we don’t “drop” more balls more often.

I’ve learned to do my best and focus my attention on what I am doing at any particular time, don’t let other things distract me and then, move to the next topic and apply the same strategy.

At the end of the day, I know that I have done my very best and feel glad about it. Yes, still some days are not as good or pleasant I would like, but at least I don’t need to over stress about things and I can keep all those little balls still moving.

If you can, try it! focus on one thing, give it your undivided attention and then move to the next topic, you will be more productive, more efficient and more importantly, less stressed.

Hope it works for you and helps a little bit!