What’s in a number?


What is in a number? well, it depends on the number I guess, it could be a large number, a fractional number, an odd number, an even number, a small number or even a famous number.

Whatever the case, a number does not exist in the void, it always represents something. It has a meaning, sometimes less important but in some occasions, a number might have a very important meaning.

There has been a very important number in my life during the last few months, a number that looms over me every waking hour and has shaped my lifestyle, the way I use my scarce free time, what I eat and even what I do with my friends and family.

A number so meaningful that I have written it in every possible form, analyzed from all the angles and even stuck a big magnet with it on my refrigerator door. What number is this you ask? oh, I will tell you… but beware, because once you know this number and understand the full consequences of this knowledge…. there is no turning back….

This legendary number is…. 26.2. Yes, 26.2 but don’t be fooled by the apparent innocence and simplicity of it. It is a treacherous and powerful number. A number that has dictated the fate of entire nations, given glory to countless individuals and above all has caused abundant pain and joy in equal parts to many.

Why is this simple number so powerful? Well, for many it represents the distance you have to run to complete a full marathon. For others like me, represents a very long journey that will transform a regular person into a being capable of running that distance in one go!

A journey full of sacrifices, discipline and above all training, training and more training. Particularly to individuals like me that have not being blessed with any exceptional physical aptitude or ability beyond having two average working legs and arms.

And that is the journey I decided to undertake early this year when I enrolled in the 37th Marine Corps Marathon. At that time (April), if you were to ask me: Do you think you can complete the Marathon? The answer would have been simple and sincere: NO WAY!!!!

However, I committed, maintained a fairly regular training program based mostly in the research I did, the comments from friend that have completed this feat before and at the end a trainer that helped me through the last two months.

Since I decided to run the marathon, I logged 386 miles, burned 51,718 calories and ran 86:51 hours, additionally, I added countless pool and cross fit training sessions. not to mention that I reduced my alcohol intake to zero during the last six months, c maintained a healthier diet and a more regular sleep habits.

So, after such a long time of preparations, travel arrangements, survived the storm “Sandy”. I am very, very, very proud to report: Mission accomplished!!!! Last October 28th at 7:55 I set out to finish my first marathon ever and did it in 6:05 hrs!!!

You would think that after achieving such a feat you would be celebrating up and down…and you would be right!!! I have been in celebrating mode since but also, curiously enough, I am also thinking on what is the next race and what do I have to do to complete my next marathon in less time.

Guess is just the nature of the numbers…. Faster and farthest….


I am a runner – an acrostic… or sort of…

I am a runner…
a happy, motivated runner
many miles I have threaded
and excited to the start line I’m headed.
Running makes me strong
unfamiliar with the pain I’m not
nonetheless when I run I grow bold
never giving up and always moving on
elated looking for the next PR
running with the pack I am proud.