Coming home

In time, everything finds its way home. After a long journey, that time has come for me as I will be returning to my home city in Mexico.

This move closes a chapter of my personal and professional life that started over 18 years ago when I left my home searching for greener pastures.

However, the last stretch of this wild, wild ride that started when Switzerland welcomed me six years ago has been a fantastic adventure. Leaving this beautiful country is an experience loaded with mixed feelings.

It is sad to leave one of the best countries I had the opportunity to live in, but I am also happy to go back to family and friends.

As I make the balance of the things that I leave and take, it is great to see that I take with me a large number of extraordinary memories and experiences that have made me a better person, and leave exceptional friends with whom I have cultivated a relationship that will last a lifetime and that has made me a happier person.

I am sure this will not be a goodbye but a so long. Soon, we will we welcoming familiar faces here in Mexico with wide-open arms, tacos and a bottle of tequila at the ready!