The power of (not watching) TV


We moved recently… not your typical move from one house to another, this was a move from one continent to another! (I promise to post on that soon…) and as any move, it is very disruptive to your regular routine – specially if you have kids.

All the family has to adapt to an entirely new lifestyle, and we kind of plan for it in advance, because that is what intelligent people -I am told- do. But as my old drill sergeant used to say: no plan survives the first contact with the enemy.

The first casualty in our “well” crafted plan was… the TV service.! Due to different voltages, broadcast systems and other technicalities that very kind people with much more patience (and knowledge) than me have explained and I have failed to understand, we have not been able to spend a single minute in front of the tube for the last three weeks!

At this stage, you would think that everyone in the family is in total panic, climbing up the walls and creatively inventing new ways to annoy the neighbor’s cat. But shockingly that has not happened.

Au contraire, mon ami! (to use the local language). We have discovered a long forgotten mine full a very valuable resource that can not be bought anywhere: Time! and we are extracting every piece we can find.

Instead of the expected suffering and despair (specially for my teenage daughter), we have this weird feeling of “getting your life back” and with this newly found time I have been able to help my daughter with her algebra homework (ok, that is not the most exciting part), for the first time in my life my reading plan is not behind schedule (don’t believe me? check my goodreads profile), we got scooters for the whole family and have discovered amazingly beautiful places together and I am slowly but surely going back to my afternoon running routine.

Yes, of course I am not able to comment the last episode of the “big bang theory” or “how I met your mother” around the lunch table at the office anymore, but hey! did you know there is a new Italian restaurant that just opened that I went to with my wife?  That beats my trendy show ignorance hands down!

Call it lack-of-TV-madness, but we are seriously considering maintaining this status quo and stay away from the cable guy… who knows, I might shed a few pounds, spend more time with my children, romance my wife more and… perhaps find the time to write that book that has been sitting on my desk for years. Whatever happens in the no-TV family future will be I am sure, commercial free…


What do you think?

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