Brief History of Squash

I love Squash! Not the the vegetable (or is it a fruit?) but the popular sport practiced across the world that for some reason that escapes my understading did not make the cut for the olympic games.

In any case, the more you know about something you like the more you can enjoy it. So, here you have a really brief story of squash. Hope you like it.

Squash traces its origins to 1830 in Harrow School, England where it was invented as an offshoot of the game of rackets. It began when underclassmen who either lacked the skills or seniority to play rackets, the popular game at the time, opted to hit rubber balls against the walls of alleys and courtyards. The students discovered that squashing balls against walls yielded a number of shots and required adept footwork that was enjoyable.

However, the game did not receive much attention until in 1864 when the first squash courts were built in the school. Its popularity spread fast especially among famous private schools and colleges and in exclusive men’s clubs. The sport debuted in North America in the 1880s.

That period saw the construction of four squash courts by St, Paul’s school, New Hampshire in 1884. Similarly, Honorable Cecil Edwards built a squash court at his Vancouver residence where pioneer players such as Bimbo Sweeney mustered the sport.

Another court was constructed in 1904 in Newfoundland at St. John’s Tennis club and others followed in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and later in Canada. By the 1950s, the game had caught up with the rest of the world.

Of interest is Hashim Khan, a squash player of Pakistani descent, who after working as a ball boy at a local British Officer’s court, went ahead to clinch the British Open title in 1951Currently, the top three countries that have consistently churned out squash champions are England, the United States, Egypt.

England, where the sport was founded continues to enjoy a massive following both as a sport and a recreational activity. Moreover, squash classes are offered at the college level.

Notably, the top squash player, Mohamed Eishorbagy hails from Egypt. Squash thrives in this country with budding players striving to attain the elite competition level and even to receive scholarships abroad. Similarly, the United States is home to new tournaments such as The US Open Squash Doubles Tournament that have played a pivotal role in boosting the sport in the country



Am I a writer? Yes, I am a writer!

I love writing. For some reason, I find easier to articulate personal feelings, ideas or thoughts writing them down and thus have found in this blog an outlet to share those little personal treasures that I would probably not do otherwise.

But always wanted to test myself and see if I could write for money. How cool would that be? Do something that I totally enjoy and at the same time get paid for doing it!

I thought about trying it out  for a very long time but never really committed to it. Which translates into the intention of doing it was nagging me all the time but never actually tried… Until now…

Last week I got my first article accepted by a client and got paid!!! Yes, I admit it, this happened in the shady world of a content mill. Yes, I know, it was a short piece of a few hundred words and if you are familiar with the content mill dynamics you already know that the money I made will not allow me to leave my day time job anytime soon.

But that I actually tried instead of only thinking of “doing it some day” and someone considered the few words I put together worth some money is very satisfying and encouraging.

I will definitely keep trying. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, many years from now, with discipline and hard work this might turn into a more serious undertaking.


De plagios, mentiras y presidentes

plagioPues resulta que el señor Peña Nieto efectivamente plagio en un buen porcentaje la tesis que le otorgó el título universitario que hoy ostenta. Y pues resulta que la universidad donde curso esta carrera ha confirmado el hecho. Pero también ahora resulta que la casa de estudios ante esta situación no va a reaccionar de ninguna manera.

Pues… ¡a que caray! Parece que en México, si usted tiene el apellido correcto, o conoce a la persona correcta, o tiene el cargo público correcto las leyes y reglamentos, los valores y las buenas costumbres le aplican siempre y cuando no lo inoportunen demasiado. Al resto de nosotros, sólo nos queda ver como nuestro país se convierte cada vez mas en una telenovela mal escrita.

Que triste es ver que los líderes que hemos elegido (por que seamos sinceros, para bien o para mal, el pueblo voto por este señor) hace gala de los valores mas negativos que uno se puede imaginar mientras se salen con la suya sin enfrentar ninguna consecuencia.

Que impunidad mas bárbara. Mentir, insultar, robar, plagiar y burlarse del pueblo que los puso en el poder son la moneda corriente de la clase política de este País. Mientras tanto, el resto del pueblo tiene que trabajar duramente para medio ganarse la vida y mantener el indignate estilo de vida de estas personas.

Realmente espero que al menos la universidad que le otorgo el titulo al señor Peña Nieto rescate algo de la ética que le queda y al menos le pidan de favor, si no es muy problemático y tiene el tiempo que re-escriba esos párrafos que plagio o que por lo menos le de el crédito a los verdaderos autores.




winstonSir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill is one of the few characters in history that really inspires me. I know there are opposing camps when it comes to considering his contributions to this world and many, many different opinions regarding his personality.

All that aside, I believe that we all can agree that his famous speeches and writings show the ability that he had to transmit his message with clarity, force, and elegance.

Of all his work, there are two quotes that for me stand out and have been my favorite for a very long, time. I want to share them with you. Hopefully, you will find in them the same inspiration that I do every time I read them.

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

-Winston Churchill


“I am a man of simple tastes easily satisfied with the best”

-Winston Churchill