About Stein…

Born in America, living in Europe. Geek by choice and SCUBA diving fanatic.

Has lived in 7 countries and with 335 cities visited in over 46 countries under his belt is a certified world traveller.

With an unhealthy long list of hobbies and personal projects, invests his free time taking pictures, mountain biking, ruling the squash court and playing classical guitar.

You can also visit:

Photo Galleryemail | Instagram | Twitter

“I am a man of simple tastes easily satisfied with the best”

-Winston Churchill

4 thoughts on “About Stein…

  1. I’m trying to concentrate and skim through your posts, but I’m terribly distracted by your last name. You just left me a comment over on my blog and I came over for a visit. Did you know my maiden name is Castillo?

    • Hi there! The world has become a very small place indeed (thanks to the trains?). I was born in Mexico and I am related to the Castillo family in the northern states. Rings a bell? Maybe we are related! 🙂

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