Peace for Paris

Peace for ParisAnd yet again we find ourselves shocked and mourning due to the irrational actions of some religious fanatics that perpetrated a series of (apparently) synchronized vicious attacks targeting innocents civilians in Paris.

My first impulse was to write down a long lists of insults describing what I think and feel about this maniacs and their stupid radical views and distorted religion. But after thinking a about it I decided not to do it and instead share the hope I have that the people of France will stand tall before this great tragedy and show to these terrorist groups that they will not prevail.

My thoughts are now with all the victims and their families. I know that no easy consolation will come to those that have been affected in some way by these senseless attacks but hope that soon the wounds both physical and emotional begin to heal.

I am sure that France and her people will stand tall as they have done so many times in the past and show the world how strong they are as they unite and do not allow the terrorist to count this as a victory. Soon this nation will show the merciless killers that they will not allow any attack to their freedom and way of life to go unpunished.